Lindenmayer System script for 3ds Max
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Lindenmayer System for 3ds Max

MAXScript for creating Lindenmayer system effects.


L-System screenshot ###Video

##Usage Download the .ms file from the link above. Open 3ds Max and click MAXScript -> Run Script. Navigate to the folder where you saved the .ms file, select it and press Open

Pressing Generate or having the Auto Generate option enabled in the script will generate new splines and delete the old ones. It will delete all objects named LSystem or LSystemBranch. If you want to save your feather make sure to rename the objects to something else before pressing Generate again.


  • Auto Generate
    • While checked, the script will update the spline each time you change one of the other settings
  • Segment Size
    • The length of each segment created with the Straight Line action.
  • Angle Increment
    • The angle of each Bend action.
  • Twist Increment
    • The angle of each Twist action.
  • Generations
    • The number of times to recursively apply the rules instancing.
  • Random Seed
    • Each random seed gives you a new variation when using the Probability setting in the Instance Rule action.


  • Straight Line
    • Create a line with the length of the Segment Size setting.
  • Start Branch
    • Saves the current settings and splits the object into a new spline.
  • End Branch
    • Ends the current branch and revers to the settings from the last instance of Start Branch.
  • Bend
    • Changes the angle of the following Straight Line actions.
  • Twist
    • Twists the spline, affecting the following Bend actions.
  • Instance Rule
    • Inserts the content of another rule, allowing for complex recursive behaviours.
  • Alter Settings
    • Changes the settings for the following actions.