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"Maze Trace" plugin for CINEMA 4D

#Download Screenshot ###Video

##Compability The plugin has been compiled with the R12 sdk and should be compatible with C4D R12, R13 and R14. However, it has only been tested with C4D R14.

##Installation Unzip the folder to your CINEMA/plugins/ folder and restart CINEMA. After extraction the files (cinema4dsdk.cdl, cinema4dsdk.vcproj, etc.) should lie in CINEMA/plugins/Maze Trace/.

##Usage The plugin contains two objects that can be found under the plugins->Maze Trace menu entry, Maze Trace and Point Generator. ###Maze Trace A generator (place objects under it) that takes polygon objects and connects their points in interesting ways (it tries naïvely to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem by connecting each point to its nearest neighbor).

###Point Generator A helper object that generates random points on the surface of an input object. Since the output object only consists of points it will not show up in the 3d view unless you use it as an input to another generator, such as the Maze Trace.

##Settings ###Maze Trace

  • Maximum Segment Length
    • Delete segments longer than this. Useful for getting rid of occasional lines connecting different parts of the model.
  • Relative
    • When checked the Maximum Segment Length is a multiplier of neighboring points, otherwise it's an absolute length.

###Point Generator

  • Num Points
    • The number of points to generate on the surface of the object
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