Ocean Wave Effector for CINEMA 4D
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Ocean Wave Effector for CINEMA 4D


Ocean Wave Screenshot


###Contributions Thanks to Yura Izmaylov for porting the script to C4D R13


Note that this script only works with CINEMA 4D-versions Studio and Broadcast.

##File contents

The C4D file contains two objects:

  • Plane
    • CT Wave Effector

CT Wave Effector is responsible for the wave-like movement, the plane can be replaced by any object

##Usage Move and rotate the CT Wave Effector object to influence the points and create wave-like motion. See the video for an overview.

##Settings The CT Wave Effector object has a number of settings in the User Data tab.

  • Twist Amount
    • Controls the size of the waves
  • Width
    • The distance from the effector at which points are still influenced by the deformation. Combine with Twist Amount to control the size of the waves.
  • Falloff
    • The way the distance from the effector affects the deformation of the points. Used to create a smooth transition between wave and "calm" sea
  • Texture
    • A grayscale 2D texture applied to the wave, influencing the Twist Amount.
  • Texture Offset
    • A positional offset of the Texture. Animate to create a sense of motion in the wave.
  • Bend
    • Bends the wave around the Axis Center of the deformed object. Can be used to create splashes or boat wakes.

##Inspiration This script was inspired by, and backwards-enginered from, the wave tool in this video.

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