MAXScript for generating penrose tilings (P2)
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Penrose Tiling for 3ds Max

MAXScript for generating (P2) Penrose Tilings

#Download MAXScript File #Download Scene File

L-System screenshot ###Video

##Usage You will need to download both the script and the scene file. Open the scene file in 3ds Max, click MAXScript -> Run Script. Navigate to the folder where you saved the .ms file, select it and press Open

Pressing Generate will deflate the selected kites and darts into penrose tiles.

The script uses Half Tiles to be able to match the original shape perfectly. If you want to change the look of the tiles they are found on a separate layer called HalfTiles.


  • Side Length
    • The length of the sides in the dart and kite shapes. There is no need to change this unless you create your own tiles.
  • Iterations
    • The number of recursive deflation passes to run. Each pass subdivides the existing into smaller ones.
  • Generate
    • Deflates the selected shapes into penrose tiles
  • Clear Tiles
    • Removes all generated tiles