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Foundation for Apps Template

This is the default template project for Foundation for Apps, powered by Gulp, Angular, and libsass. It provides you with a basic template to get started with Foundation for Apps and Angular.

If you're already an Angular developer, you may instead want to install the components into your own stack using Bower: bower install foundation-apps


You'll need the following software installed to get started.

  • Node.js: Use the installer for your OS.
  • Git: Use the installer for your OS.
  • Gulp and Bower: Run npm install -g gulp bower
    • Depending on how Node is configured on your machine, you may need to run sudo npm install -g gulp bower instead, if you get an error with the first command.

Get Started

Clone this repository, where app is the name of your app.

git clone app

Change into the directory.

cd app

Install the dependencies. If you're running Mac OS or Linux, you may need to run sudo npm install instead, depending on how your machine is configured.

npm install
bower install

While you're working on your project, run:

npm start

This will compile the Sass and assemble your Angular app. Now go to localhost:8080 in your browser to see it in action. When you change any file in the client folder, the appropriate Gulp task will run to build new files.

To run the compiling process once, without watching any files, use the build command.

npm start build


Our starter template for Foundation for Apps projects. Powered by Angular, Sass, and Gulp.



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