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#Ci40 Multithreading Whitepaper

The Ci40 multithreading Whitepaper has been put together as a top level review of multi threading with a MIPS processor in the cXT200 device on the Creator Ci40 development board. cXT200 is a dual core, dual threaded MIPS interAptiv core clocked at 550MHz. Source for the examples discussed in the whitepaper can be found in the ci40-MT directory.

For discussion on this topic please use the thread on our forum:


  1. Give execute permission to setup script(under ci40-MT folder) using 'chmod +x'
  2. Run the script provided (./
  3. This should install the MIPS Codescape Toolchain
  4. Then run the make file in the respective folders(ci40-MT/accumulator/, ci40-MT/iot/)
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