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History items for the October 2018 CTDL Release

Documentation and Issues to Watch

Updated Apr 10, 2018

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History items for the October 2017 CTDL Release

Connecting Credentials

Updated Sep 2, 2017

This project is intended to guarantee that CTDL, at a minimum, explicitly covers the major connections between credentials as set out in the Connecting Credentials project glossary at and covered in (Page 4/5). This entails being explicitly able to distinguish the following relationships: (1) stackable credentials (including explicit sequencing (next/previous)), (2) nested credentials, (3) latticed credentials, (4) lateral credentials, and (5) modular credentials (hasPart -- separately described subunits with independent value).

3rd Part Maps

Updated Jul 30, 2017

Third party maps define relationships between two entities by a third party. They are comprised of a an array of one or more statements (triples) of the type rdf:Statement with additional properties that refine the triple and provide provenance relationships and other characteristics (e.g., dates of creation and modification etc.).

History items for the August CTDL release

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CER Application Profile Blacklist

Updated Apr 6, 2017

Terms that should not show up in the CER application profile


Updated Mar 10, 2017

This project includes CTDL issues regarding the QACredentialOrganization (Backlog, In Process, Under Review, Complete)

Tracking for April 2017 Release

Manifest Class Development

Updated May 16, 2017

There have been needs identified to develop "manifest" entities for describing values applicable at institution and program levels. For example, both costs and conditions may be applicable at either the level of individual credentials, learning opportunities or assessments, or at the the institutional or programmatic level. The "manifest" classes are intended to facilitate description of the latter (institution or program). This project entails issues, approaches, and solutions in development of "manifest" classes that build on, and extend, the existing ceterms:CostProfile and the ceterms:ConditionProfile.

Temporary history tracking until appropriate systems can be built

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