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CreditClick Price Module

As a web shop owner you are very familiar with the orienting customer who ultimately does not buy the product. A common reason is that at that moment the customer does not have the money available or simply does not want to pay the amount in one go. This is a missed opportunity for both the consumer and the webshop.

Experience shows that only 5% of consumers return to your website to buy the product after leaving your page. In other words; 95% of potential buyers are not seen back. With offering instalment based payments or a continuous credit portfolio, you have reduced a significant reason for consumers not coming back.

The CreditClick Price Module enhances conversion by highlighting the estimated cost per month already on the product page and in the shopping cart ("Pay at once or pay X per month"). The estimated cost per month is calculated automatically and is explained to the consumer in compliance with the local credit regulation.

Please note that the CreditClick Price Module is only displayed on the product page when the product offered amount is within the limits of the country.

Minimum amount Maximum amount
The Netherlands € 1,- € 5500,-
Germany € 150,- € 5000,-


Our module is available under the BSD-2-Clause. See the LICENSE file for more information.

Installation & Example

Please see example.html.

A detailed installation and configuration instruction is available here.


Please contact or file your issue here


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