An Minecraft mod to expose TPS, entity lists, tile entity lists, add public server lists, server invites, friends lists, friend invites(to servers) and make purchasing a VPS with a modpack preloaded easier
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This mod is designed for inclusion in modpacks by CreeperHost partnered modpack creators.

It allows users to view basic server metrics regarding performance so they can judge if the server is lagging or they are, and other similarly useful information. This functionality requires ServerInfoProvider installed on the server - but this is not required for the ordering functionality to work. To access this, hold down Ctrl and Tab :)

This information is not branded or feature locked to CreeperHost services - and this feature can be used without having any button or MP menu entry. More features - again, not branded or locked - will be added once we think of more cool/useful stuff to add to assist server owners :)

The mod will also provide the ability for modpack creators to monetise any server sales through their modpack.

It is configurable with your promotional code and CurseForge ProjectID and provides an ingame GUI for ordering a server.

Our system will lookup your ProjectID in our database, and automatically load the latest available version of your project onto the server once the order is completed.

The discount and rewards for the purchase will be applied as if the customer had ordered through our website after visiting using your promotional link or entering your promotional code at order time.

No payment information will ever be taken in the client and all communication is done via https.

If you want to use the button with Custom Main menu, the button ID is 30051988 to be used in the wrapped button functionality.

We will be releasing an API jar for other hosts to use soon.

Latest release is for 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 due to time constraints, but we will be testing on other versions and releasing a 1.7.10 build soon.