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Audit tool for

This is a simple and straightforward tool for scraping data out of and running some basic analysis on it. For more background, see my blog post:


Clone down the repository, then run composer install to grab a few dependencies.

You will need to create a local MySQL database, and set up an Environment variable for its database credentials. The database user will need full access to that database.

$ export joindin_db=mysql://user:pass@localhost/yourdbname


There are four scripts to run, in the repository root:

php init.php

Run this once to create the database tables in the database defined above. You will need to run it once before each time you run download.php, as that script needs an empty database.

php download.php

Run this to download the full available dataset from It will provide some basic output along the way. On my system it takes about 4 minutes, but your download speed may vary.

php derive.php

This script generates some derived data that is slow to calculate, and stores it in the database. It generates no output when everything works properly.

php report.php

This script actually produces the report output. It produces a very simple HTML page called results.html, in the project root. That's where all the useful data can be seen. :-)


Want to add another report? PRs welcome. :-)

Keep using the same format and tool chain in report() as the existing code, for consistency. If you need to add more derived tables or columns, modify derive.php as needed, again keeping the same structure and pattern.


This tool is copyright 2015 Larry Garfield and released under the MIT license.

Vendored packages are under their own respective licenses.

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