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INI Controller Concern
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INI - Controller Concern

INI The Pharoah (or the airport)

Code structure

Game logic files

All the mains files (that actually consist of the game logic) can be found under the ini-atc folder.


Using a little workaround, all assets are now in the desktop project folder and can be found simply under ini-atc-desktop -> assets Due to limitation of Android (and the creators of the graphics library wanting to support Android seamlessly), all assests must be in the 'ini-atc-android' project, specifically folder 'assets'.

Launching the game (during development)

To launch to game on a PC, you have to run the application from the 'ini-atc-desktop' project. Open up the file '' and just run the game from there. Obviously it can be compiled into a jar file and ran from there, but for development purposes the game is started as instructed before.

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