Simple swap setup script for Linux
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Simple swap setup script for Linux

Swap is an area on a hard drive that has been designated as a place where the operating system can temporarily store data that it can no longer hold in RAM.

Disclamer: This script may not work on every GNU/Linux distro. Sorry.


First of all, download the main script:

wget -O swap

Then simply run the file with this format:

sh swap {size}

Example (with 4G):

sh swap 4G

The default path for the swap file is /swapfile. If you wish to change this, simple the file location (file must not exist) add it to the command:

sh swap 4G /mynewswapfile


Ansible Playbook collection to make things easier and faster

Run Playbook

ansible-playbook -i '' ansible-swap/server.yml

With the server's IP.

Changes to be made as required


  1. Change location - location on your server/instance
  2. Change Memory to be allocated