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Dairy Farm Simulator

A whole dairy farm simulator, driven by scientific crop and animal models

A demo video of the simulator can be downloaded at:


To get the simulator up and running:

  1. Download the program at:
  2. Double click on jablus.jar to start the simulator
  3. If it won't start, make sure the Java Runtime Environment is installed on your computer. It can be downloaded here:

Once the program is running you can:

  • Manage Livestock
    1. Buy or sell them (market tab on left)
    2. Buy or sell feeds for the livestock (market tab)
    3. Assign feeds offered to cows – in kg/cow (livestock tab on left)
    4. Manage percentage of heifers and cows confined (livestock tab)
  • Manage Crops 5. Sew grass, maize or wheat (right click over field) 6. Assign grass fields for grazing 7. Harvest grass for silage, or wheat/maize for fodder 8. Plough fields
  • Move on to next month (Next button on bottom right)

These visualisations provide feedback on what's going on:

  1. Stores of cattle, feeds and manure (top)
  2. Map of fields (crop-type, expected yield, soil water, soil nitrates, nitrate leaching)
  3. Weather graph and balance graph (right)
  4. Balance Sheet (market tab)
  5. Time - conspicuously hidden under the bottom left of the map!Dairy Farm Simulator


There are a lot of things which could be improved upon with this simulator. These are a few things which come to mind:

  • Help
    • Detailed web-based instructions
    • Initial pop-up to explain the scenario
    • Tool tips to explain buttons and visuals
  • Livestock Management
    • A visualisation to show the herd in more detail, with info on the age of the animals and the lactation number/stage
    • Information on how much offered feed is being consumed to help in choosing an appropriate diet
  • Crop Management
    • Ability buy/sell fertiliser and apply it to fields
    • Ability to apply manure to fields
    • Keys on the map visualisations
  • Farm management
    • Ability to buy extra buildings (storage space)
    • Information on how well the farm is running
      • Pollution (Nitrate leaching, wasted manure)
      • Environmental Friendliness (set aside land, lower fertiliser use)
      • Productivity (animals, milk, crops)
      • Level of self sufficiency
  • Market
    • Show graph of changing buying and sale prices of feeds, fertilisers, cattle and milk
    • how pop-up summarising financial performance at end of year
  • Time
    • Time-line showing how far through the simulation we are and what year/month it is
  • Weather
    • Instead of the graph given, a wee bar at the top showing a BBC-style 5-day forecast
  • Decision-Making
    • Ability to input any number of decisions/reasons for each round

Building from Source

Instructions for linux build.

  1. Install prerequisites
sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
sudo apt-get install ant
  1. Build the jar file and run
ant jar
java -jar dist/jablus-1.0.jar


GNU Public License Version 3


Conrad Rider



Full dairy farm simulator, driven by scientific crop and animal models







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