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Deep Learning for Big Crisis Data

This repository will host Python implementation of a number of deep neural networks classifiers for the classification of crisis-related data on Twitter.

  1. Requirementes:

     python 2.7
     numpy, scikit-learn
     keras, tensorflow or theano backend
  2. Dataset and Pre-process A sample of tweet data (data/sample.csv) is a .csv format with three columns

     First, we need to pre-process tweets data: remove urls, special characters, lowercasing…
     - python data_helpers/ data/sample.csv
     Split pre-processed data (data/sample_prccd.csv) into train, test and dev part.
     - python data_helpers/ data/sample_prccd.csv
  3. Training a neural net model

    To train a classifier we create a folder containing links to train, test and dev part (data/nn_data)

    Folder embeddings/ includes word vector file, we provide our pre-trained crisis word vectors, we also can use Google word embedding here

    Folder dnn_scrips/ contains all neural nets models: CNN, RNN_LSTM, MLP…

    • bash to train a model with different parameters.

    See the results and training process in .log file

     Note that: if you do not have a GPU, you can run on CPU by change the theano flag to THEANO_FLAGS=mode=FAST_RUN,device=cpu,floatX=float32


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