Elasticsearch library for lua based on http://elastica.io/
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A Moonscript/lua elasticsearch library based on concept of http://elastica.io

!!! WARNING !!! This is still under development, only a few classes has been implemented!

Moonscript examples

Creating a query

Take a look at eluastica/query directory for a complete list of implemented queries

import EluasticaQueryMatchAll from require "eluastica.query.match_all"

match_all = EluasticaQueryMatchAll!

Creating a filter

Take a look at eluastica/filter directory for a complete list of implemented queries

import EluasticaFilterTerms from require "eluastica.filter.terms"

names = EluasticaFilterTerms 'Document.name', {'Juan', 'Luis', 'Pedro'}
names\setParam "execution", "or"

Connecting to Elasticsearch

import EluasticaConnection from require "eluastica.connection"

connection = EluasticaConnection!
connection\setHost "HOST"
connection\setPort "PORT"

Creating a request

import EluasticaRequest from require "eluastica.request"

request = EluasticaRequest!
request\setConnection connection
request\setMethod EluasticaRequest.GET

Putting it together

import EluasticaQueryFiltered from require "eluastica.query.filtered"
import EluasticaQuery from require "eluastica.query"

query_filtered = EluasticaQueryFiltered!
query_filtered\setQuery match_all
query_filtered\setFilter names

elastic_query = EluasticaQuery!
elastic_query\setQuery query_filtered
elastic_query\setSize 10
elastic_query\setPage 1

Sending the request

request\setPath "/your-index/your-type/_search"
request\setQuery elastic_query\toArray!
results = request\send!