Simple GUI to view PMP docs.
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  • This is a simple read-only tool to examine content in the Public Media Platform (PMP).
  • You can toggle between production and sandbox, filter your queries, or jump to a particular PMP doc (provided you know the guid).
  • DO NOT USE on a publicly available site (as it exposes permissioned content). In fact, I'd only recommend using it on a local server. It is some quick and dirty PHP, let me tell you.
  • More about the PMP:
  • More about getting PMP credentials:


Q: Why is this thing in PHP?


Q: Why should I use this particular PMP tool?

A: There are lots of great tools out there. I built envoy because it was something I could easily run locally and tweak. More important, it is geared toward developers. Thus, the primary emphasis is on pouring out complicated PMP docs into an easily viewable and traversable format (via the invaluable krumo). Prettiness, alas, is sacrificed.


  • This assumes you already have a PHP + some sort of server (try php -S localhost:8888) on your local box.
  • Download the code
git clone this repo
  • Get the PHP SDK and krumo (be sure to use this specific version of the SDK; newer versions could break things)
cd envoy
git clone -b v0.1.0 --depth 1
git clone
  • Create a credentials file
cp credentials.sample.php credentials.php
  • Edit credentials.php, replacing <redacted> with your credentials
  • Edit your hosts file and server config files accordingly, so you can pull up envoy in your browser
  • Browse the PMP!