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PHP : Create your own Facebook album gallery
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YOFBA (Your Own Facebook Album)



  • Customization :
    • Allow to create a custom JSON feed based on Facebook albums.
    • Then, you can use this JSON feed to create a photo gallery. You can use all html/javascript photo galleries.
  • Optimisation : Create a cache (containing the JSON) to increase the response time.
  • Simplicity : For its implementation/configuration (This is why this project is in one file ).

How it works ?


  1. Get and configure this file
  2. Put on your server
  3. Run code
  4. JSONs have been created


  1. Read JSON feed on yofba.php?getAlbum=%youralbumId%



var urlToCall = "yofba.php?getAlbum=" + "%youralbumId%";
$.getJSON(urlToCall, function (data) {
  var albumLink = data["album"]["link"];


  //Iterate on each photo of the album
  $.each(data["photos"]["data"], function () {
    var imageFullSize = this["images"][0];


If your photo gallery and yofba.php are not on the same domain :
Make sure (in yofba.php) that the CORS calls are allowed for your domain.


1. Make Facebook App

Step 1 : Add a New App

Create a new app on :

Step 2 : Get your App ID and App secret

alt text

2. Configure yofba.php (class : Config)

If a property is commenting "Customize" it is that it must be replaced by your values. These properties are shown in bold below.

  • fb_app_id : Get your App ID in Step 2

  • fb_app_secret : Get your App Secret in Step 2

  • app_fb_json_albums_file_path : Location where the JSONs are stored

  • app_fb_albums_array : List of all albums facebook has recovered, ordered by page.

idPage, namePage
Fill in the id and the name of the page. Use in UI drop-list.
albums : list of all albums
idAlbum, nameAlbum, maxPhotos
Fill in the id, the name (use in UI drop-list) of the album and number of photos to load (Without this parameter, the entire album is loaded). To get the ID of an album, retrieve the "album_id" parameter from the [URL][url_demo_FacebookAlbum].
  • app_debug_mode : If you want debug this app. Use Tools::showMessage(" ",MessageType::Debug) method.

  • app_token : To secure access.

  • app_client_access_number_of_attempts_before_the_tempory_ban_of_the_ip : Maximum number of access attempts in app_client_access_time_between_new_try time

  • app_client_access_number_of_attempts_before_definitely_ban : Maximum number of access attempts failed

  • app_client_access_time_between_new_try : Time between access attempts.

  • app_client_access_file_path : Location where the client acces are stored.

  • app_list_of_fields_album : List of all the Facebook fields you want to retrieve for an album (doc :

  • app_list_of_fields_photos_album : List of all Facebook fields you want to retrieve on album photos (doc :

  • app_count_facebook_likes : Count the numbers of likes.

  • app_count_facebook_likes_field_name : Name of JSON field for likes counter.

  • app_get_main_color_of_image : Analyse and get main color of an image.

  • app_get_main_color_of_image_field_name : Name of JSON field for main color.

  • app_exception_file_path : Location where esceptions are stored.

  • app_allow_cors_request_from_url : If you want to call the JSONs from another domain, you must fill in all the calling domains.
    Example :

    • yofba.php in subdomain
    • yourPhotoGallery_1.php in subdomain
    • yourPhotoGallery_2.php in domain
      The app_allow_cors_request_from_url property in yofba.php should look like this :
const app_allow_cors_request_from_url = array("","", "","");



Automate the update of JSONs

Update all albums :

/usr/local/php7.1/bin/php /xxx/xxx/demo/yofba/index.php token=yourToken


cd /xxx/xxx/subdomain/ && /usr/local/php7.0/bin/php -f yofba.php token=yourToken
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