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Ji Zhou1,2,3,*, Christopher Applegate1, Daniel Reynolds1, and Nick Pullen2

1Earlham Institute, Norwich Research Park, Norwich UK
2John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, Norwich UK
3University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich UK
*Correspondence: or

Installation Readme

Leaf-GP V1.18 : All Platforms

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Leaf-GP V1.18 : Wheat

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Please note that:

  1. A Jupyter notebook is ONLY used for demonstrating the algorithm, NOT for batch processing big crop image series.
  2. The performance of the algorithm provided for the Leaf-GP project could be varied due to an end-user's computing resources such as physical memory and CPU speed.
  3. Users might encounter issues with specific libraries if they have not installed properly or not been optimised for Linux-based operating systems.
  4. We recommend users to preinstall the latest open Anaconda Python distribution before using functions and modules in the Leaf-GP analysis pipeline.