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Grant Identifier Metadata Schema

This schema will be used to register persistent identifiers (DOIs) for grants and other funding through Crossref. For the purposes of this documentation, the item being identified is a ‘grant’ but the identifier may be applied to other types of funding, such as equipment and facility use.

For those of you familiar with Crossref content registration, Grant IDs will have their own dedicated schema that differs from our publication schema. The Grant ID schema will follow some of the same conventions as we’ll be using the same system to process the files (which will be XML) but since we are collecting metadata for a new community and moving beyond published content, this is an opportunity to rethink how we handle some basics like person names and dates.

The proposed schema is available for feedback. Please create issues if you have comments or questions, or contact directly if you prefer email.

Oxygen-generated documentation is available as well.


6/19/19 update:

  • award-start-date was added at the grant/award level to allow a single date to be applied to a grant, useful if the individual project dates differ from the overall award start date.

The proposed schema has been updated March 5 based on feedback given in February. Updates made are:

  • additions to funding type taxonomy (prize, crowdfunding)
  • addition of country attribute with ISO 3166-1 alpha 2-letter country code values on institution element within investigator affiliation section (currently optional)

Grant metadata

Each grant ID can be assigned to multiple projects. The metadata within each project includes basics like titles, descriptions, and investigator information (including affiliations) as well as funding information. Funders will supply funder information (including funder identifiers from the Crossref Funder Registry) as well as information about funding types and amounts.

Multiple grants may be included in a single XML file. Project metadata is included for each grant and multiple projects may be applied to a single grant.

Project description

Element / attribute Description Limits
project Container for project information. Multiple projects may be assigned to a single Grant ID required; multiple allowed
project-title title of the project a grant is supplied for required; multiple allowed
description Used to capture an abstract or description of project, provide multiple descriptions in different languages optional; multiple allowed
@xml:lang use @xml:lang to identify language for each project-title or description. This allows you to provide multiple titles in different languages. optional

Investigator details

Element / attribute Description Limits
investigators container for investigator information required
person container for individual investigator details at least 1 required, multiple allowed (unbounded)
@role available roles are lead_investigator, co-lead_investigator, investigator required
@start-date Date an investigator began work with the project optional
@end-date Date an investigator ended work with the project optional
givenName given or first name optional
familyName family or surname optional
alternateName alias or nickname used by the Investigator optional
affiliation container for affiliation information optional, multiple allowed
institution institution an investigator is affiliated with when associated with the project being defined. Multiple affiliations should be supplied where applicable 1 allowed, use multiple affiliation groups for investigators with multiple affiliations
@country ISO 3166-1 alpha 2-letter country code, captures location (country) of affiliation optional
ROR* A ROR ID may be supplied in the future to disambiguate affiliation information. Note that ROR is a new initative and is not yet available. pending
ORCID ORCID ID of the investigator, expressed as a URL optional

Funding details:

Element / attribute Description Limits
award-amount total overall amount awarded to project optional
@currency ISO 4217 ISO 4217 currency for value provided in award-amount required
funding container for funding information. Use multiple funding sections as needed to specify different funding types required, multiple allowed
@amount amount of funding provided by funder optional
@currency ISO 4217 currency for value provided in @amount optional
@funding-percentage percentage of overall funding optional
@funding-type type of funding provided, values are limited required
@null-amount supply for projects where an award amount is missing or can’t be disclosed - allowed values are: unknown, undisclosed, not-applicable other optional
funder-name name of the funder required
funder-id funder identifier from Crossref Funder Registry required
funding-scheme scheme for grant or award as provided by the funder optional

Award dates

Dates can be applied at the project level (via award-date). An award-start-date can be applied to the grant / award as a whole.

Element / attribute Description Limits
award-dates container for date information optional
@start-date actual start date of award optional
@end-date actual end date of the award optional
@planned-start-date planned start date of award optional
@planned-end-date planned end date of award optional
award-start-date start date of grant funding optional

Funding types

Types of funding are limited to the following values:

  • award: a prize, award, or other type of general funding
  • contract: agreement involving payment
  • crowdfunding: funding raised via multiple sources, typically small amounts raised online
  • endowment: gift of money that will provide an income
  • equipment: use of or gift of equipment
  • facilities: use of location, equipment, or other resources
  • fellowship: grant given for research or study
  • grant: a monetary award
  • loan: money or other resource given in anticipation of repayment
  • other: award of undefined type
  • prize: an award given for achievement
  • salary-award: an award given as salary, includes intramural research funding
  • secondment: detachment of a person or resource for temporary assignment elsewhere
  • seed-funding: an investor invests capital in exchange for equity
  • training-grant: grant given for training
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