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@@ -228,6 +228,12 @@ Normally, an API list result will return both the summary and the items. If you
If the API call includes a query, then the sort order will be by the relevance score. If no query is included, then the sort order will be by DOI update date.
### Selecting which elements to return
Crossref metadata records can be quite large. Sometimes you just want a few elements from the schema. You can "select" a subset of elements to return using the `select` parameter. This can make your API calls much more efficient. For example:
## Resource components
Major resource components supported by the Crossref API are:
@@ -689,4 +695,4 @@ Each major version has no backwards incompatible changes within its public inter
- v52, 2017-07-27, removed service notice and what's new section.
- v53, 2017-08-11, mention `full-text.application` filter
- v54, 2017-09-18, add info about new "polite pool"
- v55, 2017-09-21, add info about `/member` and `/funder` filters. add info about `publisher-name` facet.
- v55, 2017-09-21, document `/member` and `/funder` filters. document `publisher-name` facet. document `select` parameter.

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