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These are projects to enable using the CTRE Pigeon IMU with the 2016 Control System.

There are 2 ways to update the Web-Interface from 2016 to display Pigeon information.

Option A: Replace the File used in the Update Utility 1. Install the CTRE Toolsuite. (Available here: 2. Copy from this repository to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cross The Road Electronics\LifeBoat\rio-files. NOTE: This will overwrite the plug-in that comes with the installer. It is recommended to save a copy of the file first. 3. Run the roboRIO upgrade utility from the CTRE Toolsuite LifeBoat Imager.

Option B: Manually Install the Plug-in 1. Establish an FTP connection to the roboRIO. - The roboRIO address is - The username is admin - There is no password (leave blank) 2. Update the plug-in file. It is located in /usr/local/frc/lib. - Backup the existing plug-in file ( by renaming it. We recommend renaming the extension to .so.orig - Copy the new *.so file from this github repository into the ftp directory. 3. Restart the webservice. SSH into the roboRIO (same settings as FTP) and run: - /etc/init.d/systemWebServer restart

The Webdash Interface should now display Pigeons that are connected to the roboRIO via CAN.