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CrowdCurio Time Series Annotator Library

The CrowdCurio Time Series Annotation Library implements classification tasks for time series.

A screenshot of the Time Series Annotator.


  • Support for feature annotation tasks.
  • Support for interactive practice tasks.
  • Support for multivariate time series.
  • Support for medical time series in EDF format.
  • Integrated support for CrowdCurio.

Build Process

We use Browserify, Wachify and Uglify in our build processes. All three tools can be installed with NPM.

npm install -g browserify

npm install -g watchify

npm install -g uglify-js

To build the script bundle without minification, run:

browserify lib/main.js -o bundle.js

To build with minification, run:

browserify lib/main.js | uglifyjs bundle.js

To watch for file changes and automatically bundle without minification, run:

watchify lib/main.js -o bundle.js


Mike Schaekermann, University of Waterloo