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23 Jan 21:30
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🚀 Features

LinkedIn integration

Introduction the LinkedIn integration! With it, you can bring the comments and reactions to your organization's LinkedIn posts into This integration is only available for Growth and Custom plans.



  • Add global filters to Default Reports. @joanagmaia (#425)
  • Added a Stripe integration for payment so we can automatically upgrade new Growth workspaces. @epipav (#419)
  • Show the current date's value differently in reports. @joanagmaia (#443)
  • Make the email independent from the identities in the members' list. @joanagmaia (#440)
  • Refactor the UI of public reports. @joanagmaia (#437)
  • Remove activities performed by team members. @epipav (#427)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that kept redirecting from auth/signup to augh/signin. @themarolt (#445)
  • Fix an error when unpublishing conversations in bulk. @epipav (#438)
  • Modified the Community help center's robots.txt so Google will index it again. @epipav (#434)
  • Fix URLs in organizations @joanagmaia (#430)
  • Add the Job Title to the members list view @mariobalca (#428)


16 Jan 17:03
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🚀 Features

Default reports

Introducing our newest feature: Default Reports! These specially crafted reports are designed to give you a deep dive into the inner workings of your community. With absolutely no setup required on your end, you can now access valuable insights about your members, including a breakdown of your active members, a comparison of new vs returning active members, and a list of your top engaged members.

Reports 1

Formbricks feedback

Our first external code contribution! @mattinannt and the Formbricks team added an in-app feedback box to our menu. If you have an idea, something needs to be fixed, or want to point out which features you like, you can leave us feedback there!
Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 14 04 37


  • Added the capability of filtering members by the types of activities they performed. @joanreyero (#421)
  • Introduced WebSockets for 2-way communication between the frontend and backend. We will be using this to improve the UX of several features. @themarolt (#413)
  • Installed Pendo so we can show new features within the app. @joanreyero (#406)
  • Add a placeholder for mobile screens that asks the user to sign up from a bigger one. @joanagmaia (#414)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typo in the upgrade button @epipav (#409)
  • Every time Twitter is connected, call the integration service in onboarding mode. @themarolt (#412)
  • Fixed a bug where the user invite dialog disappeared almost immediately after inviting. @joanreyero (#415)
  • Truncate the tenant name in the workspace dropdown when needed. @mariobalca (#410)
  • Wrong hash was generated for star activities, which caused deduplication issues. @epipav (#407)
  • Github integration service should handle github settings not being available @themarolt (#408)
  • Fixed a bug in EagleEye that was causing exact keyword matching to crash @joanreyero (#416)


09 Jan 12:24
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🚀 Features

Exact keyword matching for EagleEye

You can now look for posts by an exact keyword in EagleEye. If you send a query wrapped in quotes, we will look for it exactly rather than performing semantic search.

For example, imagine you want to search for content that talks about generative AI but mentions Stable Diffusion. You could send the query: generative ai, "stable diffusion".

Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 13 14 50

Discord forum channels

Forum channels are now supported as part of the Discord integration. We will get posts and all comments on those channels. If you already have a Discord integration connected, we will get posts in public forum channels automatically. You'll need to add the bot to the forum channels that you want if they are private.


🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where members could be merged twice. @joanagmaia (#402)
  • Do not throw an error when a GitHub webhook with an unsupported event type comes. @themarolt (#397)
  • Hashtags were not being saved in the Twitter integration. @joanreyero (#396)
  • Engagement score was weighing too much activities at the beginning of the month. @joanreyero (#394)
  • Make sure that the text we send to AWS Comprehend for sentiment analysis is not too big. @joanreyero @themarolt (#391)
  • Fix an edge case where merging members with similar activities was throwing a 500 error. @epipav (#388)
  • Get GitHub user emails with GitHub app token instead of a user token. @themarolt (#389)


02 Jan 17:47
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🚀 Features

CSV exports

You can now export your community members as CSV. You can export all members or choose any view to export, and we will send you a document in your email containing all the members that match the filter.

Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 18 47 18


  • Team members and bots (as well as their activities) are now exported by default from reports. @epipav (#360)
  • Add an error handler in the frontend to report errors. @joanagmaia (#382)
  • Remove the Connect integration suggested task when the workspace already has an integration. @joanagmaia (#381)
  • Add paywalls for the Community Help Centre and CSV exports. @mariobalca (#380)
  • Add members joinedAt column and filter to all views on the member's page. @joanagmaia (#374)
  • Update the call to action layout when a workspace is in the trial. @joanagmaia (#371)
  • When a Kubernetes pod is restarted while performing a job, retake the job when the pod is back up. @themarolt (#365 and #368)
  • Update the logos and images on the app. @joanagmaia (#367)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the sorting in the Most engaged view on the member's page. @joanagmaia (#375)
  • Fix the missing label when assigning tasks to colleagues. @mariobalca. (#379)
  • Fix creating members with email only. @mariobalca (#377)
  • Fix the joined at filter for organizations throwing an error. @joanagmaia (#378)
  • Fix the pre-selection of a member when creating tasks from the member's profile. @joanagmaia (#373)
  • Update the "Read more" URL for custom integrations. @dende (#372)
  • Notes and tasks were being unlinked when updating tags in a member. @joanreyero (#370)
  • Fix the sorting in the dashboard's active members widget. @joanagmaia (#369)


19 Dec 16:54
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🚀 Features

Reddit integration

The Reddit integration is finally here! It was one of the most wanted integrations, and we have delivered. You can now track the posts and comments in your community's subreddit.

Reddit (2) (1)

Plan page

We are advancing in making premium plans possible. This week we introduced a Plan page in the workspace's settings. You can use it to upgrade your plan to Growth, our first premium plan. You can learn more about our pricing here.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 17 53 44


  • Improve the user experience of connecting an integration by sending an email when the connection has succeeded. @mariobalca (#341)
  • Tweaks grid and container-sized on all pages to adapt them to different screen sizes better. @mariobalca (#355)
  • Do not show the engagement level for team members in the members' list, as it does not make sense. @joanreyero (#349)
  • Added the infrastructure so we can display a banner with in-app TypeForm surveys. @joanreyero (#348)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Add a missing interaction to the Trial tag. @joanagmaia (#366)
  • Tenants created after the 18th of December only had a trial for 14 days. It should be until the 15th of January. @joanreyero (#363)
  • Fix EagleEye's API throwing a 500 when sending posts to exclude @joanreyero (#359)
  • Proxy requests to PostHog from frontend through an internal URL to avoid being blocked by the client. @epipav (#358)
  • Fix a copy in the pricing page @joanagmaia (#353)
  • Fix a copy error in the Hacker News integration's connection page. @jonathimer (#343)


13 Dec 14:20
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🚀 Features

Pricing and feature flagging

We are getting ready to make pricing possible so we can continue building for you. This week we introduced our infrastructure for pricing. You can check the full pricing details on our website. All tenants have been set to a free trial of the growth plan, which lasts until the 15th of January. After that, you will need to get a subscription to access the growth features.

With this, we have introduced feature flagging, so we can also roll out features gradually, with more testing and performance.


  • Upped thresholds for merge suggestions and included email and displayName in the computation @joanreyero (#336)
  • Add a search button to EagleEye to avoid making too many requests. Before, we searched every time there was a keyword change, causing performance issues. @mariobalca (#321)
  • Render markdown in activities that have a markdown-based body @joanagmaia (#310)
  • Decreased the pre-aggregation frequency in Cube.js to 10 minutes @epipav (#342)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Remove the index attributes call when creating a document in Meilisearch @epipav (#346)
  • Better logging for the Python Eagle Eye API for debugging purposes @joanreyero (#316)
  • Fix type when trimming members' emails @epipav (#347)
  • Preserve the old member email when doing an upsert if we receive an empty string from an integration @themarolt (#345)
  • Fix the related member input showing blank when updating or creating a task @joanagmaia (#337)
  • Twitter integration: stop processing hashtags if there are no posts with such hashtag @themarolt (#327)
  • Detect which channel a Discord thread started from @themarolt (#322)
  • Fix the increment in number-type metrics in the dashboard @joanagmaia (#326)
  • Move Qdrant to the cloud version for better performance @joanreyero (#320)
  • Exclude our internal tenants from telemetry, and add telemetry events for organizations and integrations @joanreyero (#317)
  • Make sure that we call AWS Comprehend API with a utf-8 string. @themarolt (#315)
  • Properly handle GitHub's rate limit @themarolt (#311)


05 Dec 17:35
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🚀 Features

Hacker News integration

The Hacker News integration will detect any post that mentions your community in the Top or Best of Hacker News. It works for any post published after the 1st of December 2022. The post will become a community activity, and so will any comment on those posts.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 18 28 56


  • Better accuracy in Eagle Eye for Hacker News suggestions @joanreyero (#267)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix the pagination parameter when getting members from Twitter @joanreyero (#312)
  • Removed the # activities >= 1000 filter from the Organizations' New and Active view @joanreyero (#308)
  • Sanitize the name attribute when enriching an organization with GitHub @epipav (#296)
  • Fix several UX issues in the reports module @joanagmaia (#301 and #303)
  • Fix rate limit handling in the Twitter integration @themarolt (#292 and #293)
  • When moving a widget in a report, save its new position when it is dropped instead of moved to avoid a too many requests error @joanreyero (#295)
  • Disable range filters in the frontend if one value is empty @joanagmaia (#290)


30 Nov 16:08
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This release introduces three new features: organizations, tasks, and notes. Furthermore, we added a bunch of bug fixes and improvements based on your feedback.

🚀 Features


You can now track how organizations are adopting your community. With the organizations' list, you can have an overview of all organizations. You can also have several views and perform filtering. For each organization, there is an organization page with all its background information, a list of all the members that belong to the organization, and their activities.

  • Organizations module @mariobalca @joanagmaia (#274)
  • Add event tracking to organizations @joanagmaia (#263)
  • Better filtering for organizations @epipav (#247):
    • filter by activity count => field name: activityCount,
    • filter by member count => field name: memberCount,
    • filter by first activity time => field name: joinedAt,
    • filter by employee count => field name: employees,
    • and filter activities by organizationId
  • Added actions dropdown in organizations list @joanagmaia (#248)
  • Improve the store for organizations on the front-end @mariobalca (#246)
  • Frontend filter by number of employees and number of members in organizations @joanagmaia (#239)



With the new tasks feature you can create tasks related to your community members. Do you want to ask newcomers for feedback? Or influential members for some recognition? Or an unhappy member how can you make their life easier? You can orchestrate all this with your team using tasks. We support all standard to-do features, like assigning them to colleagues and setting due dates. You can read more in our tasks docs.



The notes module allows you to add notes to your community members. You can annotate your chats with the member and leave comments for your colleagues. Oh, and we support markdown!


  • Production deploy workflow: one-click deploy to production for faster deliveries @themarolt (#273)
  • Staging CD: automatically deploys to staging when merging to a staging/ branch @themarolt (#262)
  • Add links to source in member activities’ list @joanagmaia (#266)
  • Re-add LogRocket for better debugging @mariobalca (#253)
  • Change copy and href on when submitting a new integration on /integrations page @jonathimer (#265)
  • Added an integrations configuration in the frontend for faster development @gaspergrom (#207)
  • Added end-to-end tests for authorization flow @gaspergrom (#185)
  • Delete unused modules, components, and styles from the frontend @joanagmaia (#211)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed copy in the onboarding banner @joanagmaia (#269)
  • Fixed a pagination issue when getting Twitter followers @themarolt (#270)
  • Send the tenant's attributes to Segment @joanreyero (#268)
  • Github webhooks star activities now use starred_at, rather than the timestamp at which they arrived @epipav (#259)
  • Fixed error logging in the API service. It is now using structured logs. @themarolt (#258)
  • Fix CSV export action in the members' list @joanagmaia (#250)
  • Fix a pagination problem in the GitHub integration that was causing star activities to be incomplete @epipav (#245)
  • Detection and handling of rate limits in the Slack integration @themarolt (#242)
  • Re-added badge for new and team members in the members' list @joanreyero (#243)
  • Add a horizontal scroll bar on the top of the members list for better scrolling @joanagmaia (#240)
  • Make the button in the dialog when merging members a primary button @joanagmaia (#238)
  • Load balancing Discord bots to avoid rate limits @themarolt (#237)
  • Fix the styling in members' reach tooltip @mariobalca (#235)
  • Make the members' merge page reactive after merging, and show a toast message after merging @joanagmaia (#231)
  • Temporary fix in Discord and Slack's rate limits @themarolt (#230)
  • Exclude activities without sentiment when computing the average sentiment for a member @epipav (#228)
  • Reset the dashboard's data after switching a tenant @mariobalca (#222)
  • Fix redirect when deleting an activity or a conversation from the dashboard @mariobalca (#227)
  • Add a highlight when hovering a conversation to improve UX @mariobalca (#223)
  • Fix labels when creating a widget in the report builder @joanagmaia (#221)
  • Fix sorting and filtering issues in the conversations module @joanagmaia (#218)
  • Show all attributes that contain show=true in the member profile page @mariobalca (#215)
  • Check whether a conversation is publishable before loading it into the search engine @epipav (#214)
  • Added the correct filter for the Trending Conversations view @joanreyero (#213)
  • Update the integrations page when switching workspaces @joanagmaia (#203)
  • Fix the EagleEye's Load more button not producing more results @joanagmaia (#196)
  • Fix the drawer after publishing a conversation being empty @joanagmaia (#192)
  • Add email support to the Help dropdown @joanagmaia (#193)
  • Fix a 500 (wrong inputs) when deleting conversations @joanagmaia (#188)
  • Fix the Reset view button in the Community Help Centre @joanagmaia (#183)
  • Fix Docker caching issue that was causing a module not found error in the python-worker @themarolt (#182)
  • Fix minor style issues and inconsistencies @joanagmaia (#178 and #176)
  • Fix a copy issue in the Community Help Centre @joanagmaia (#179)
  • Throw a proper error when the API call to get Discord threads fails @themarolt (#170)
  • Removing a redundant last activity in the Weekly Report Email @epipav (#154)
  • Script for starting premium services in development mode @themarolt (#165)
  • Fix the reach column not being visible on the members list @joanagmaia (#169)
  • Added the missing counter and paginator on the Community Help Center page @joanagmaia (#167)
  • Fix filters display and no results found state on members @joanagmaia (#164)
  • Update the copy of empty states @joanagmaia (#159)
  • Do not start premium services using the default CLI commands @themarolt (#163)
  • Fix the Community Help Center's default sorter @mariobalca (#148)


31 Oct 11:11
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🔥 A brand-new user interface.

We completely overhauled our design and user experience (you may not even recognize the app). is now much more intuitive to use, and the product feels more polished.

Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 15 51 31

👤 Richer member profiles

Member profiles now show you everything you need to know about an individual in one place, with even richer information on their activity history, tags, engagement level, and much more.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Information on represented organizations

We now show you the total organizations that have been identified in your community, we also update you on any new organizations that are popping up in your community, as well as show you all the active organizations (organizations where members have been active in a given time period). Expect standalone pages for organizations very soon.

🎯 Powerful filters, sorts, and views

Our new powerful filters, sorts and views instantly help you to segment, research, and understand your community more effectively. We have included default views, for example, “slipping away” to identify valuable members that may need some extra attention or “influential” to find individuals with high reach.

🌡️ Sentiment analysis

We’ve built a model to conduct sentiment analysis for all activities in your community to show you how members are feeling, so you can take informed actions.

💌 Trending conversations

We help you keep track of all conversations going on in your community, now, we also show you the ones that are trending and pulling a lot of engagement.

🛠️ Custom attributes and identities

Use our custom attribute function to add specific to you details as well as extra identities for your members beyond their community profiles (e.g., you can add identities using their phone number or extra email).

🔑 Social Sign in with Google

We’ve added social sign-in to make signing up and logging into a breeze. You can now use your Google account.

Breaking changes

This version introduces breaking API changes. While the API has vastly improved and it is now much more powerful, previous scripts written with the API will need to be adjusted. For more information, refer to the API docs.


07 Oct 14:16
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  • New Architecture: Serverless plus a static backend has been replaced by a Kubernetes cluster. (#53)
  • Tweak error handling in DEV integration. Give a proper error when an organization / profile was not found @mariobalca (#65)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix handler for webhooks coming from GitHub in the new Kubernetes architecture @themarolt (#68)
  • The new conversations data-point in weekly emails not uses the first activity time, rather than time of creation @epipav (#64)
  • Copy tweak in Dashboard @joanreyero (#63)
  • Fix SQL Alchemy not connecting in Kubernetes in Python @joanreyero (#72)