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Growing Attributed Networks through Local Processes
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Growing Attributed Networks through Local Processes

This repository contains code to generate graphs via the Attributed Random Walk (ARW) model. ARW is a network growth model that explains how key structural properties of attributed networks can jointly emerge from a resource-constrained edge formation process. All datasets used in our experiments and analysis are available via this link in pickle format. You can learn more about our work by reading our blog post, poster, paper, and arXiv manuscript.

If this code helps you in your research, please cite the following publication:

Shah, Harshay, Suhansanu Kumar, and Hari Sundaram. "Growing Attributed Networks through Local Processes." The World Wide Web Conference. ACM, 2019

Here is the BibTex:

  title={Growing Attributed Networks through Local Processes},
  author={Shah, Harshay and Kumar, Suhansanu and Sundaram, Hari},
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