Boilerplate environment to build CrowdProcess Programs. Lint + Browserify, more to come.
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A boilerplate CrowdProcess Program

With the usual environment and grunt tasks set up to kickstart a CrowdProcess Program development.

Getting started

You'll need to use node v0.10.x because of grunt-browserify

  1. Clone the grunt-init template with
git clone ~/.grunt-init/crowdprocess-program
  1. Install grunt-init globally with
npm install grunt-init -g
  1. Go to where you'd like to create your project, init your init, and answer some questions:
cd path/to/project
grunt-init crowdprocess-program
  1. If everything went well, you have everything you need. Now you only have to
npm install
  1. Edit whatever you want in the src directory, but remember that the program.js file must export the Run function. Always run grunt after you edit stuff in src, or run grunt watch and leave it there.

What's baked in ?

  • jshint
  • browserify
  • uglify
  • tape and testling


Run your tests with npm test. It uses tape, which is similar to tap but meant to be ran both in node and the browser. There's a testling key in package.json to run every test in test/ in the minimum version of the browsers supported by CrowdProcess. If they pass, you're ready ;)


If you run grunt debug, it will build source maps, so even inside the bundle, you'll know from which file uncaught exceptions come from.


  • Test testling with the git hook
  • Perhaps make a tap or tape Grunt task to make it part of Gruntfile.js.