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Getting Started

Welcome to the CrowdTangle API! You can use the CrowdTangle API to access posts, the leaderboard and the link-checker. Please contact your CrowdTangle representative for access. If you have access to the API, you can locate your API token via your dashboard under Settings > API Access. The CrowdTangle API is currently in a private beta, which means that while you can expect endpoints and parameters to remain stable, there will be other changes happening frequently.

Note: If you are upgrading from the prior version of the API, please see our upgrading release notes.


The CrowdTangle API expects the API token to be included either as a custom header with the name x-api-token or as a token query parameter.

// as a custom header
curl ""
  -H "x-api-token: your-api-token"

// as a query parameter 
curl ""

Making a Request

All requests to the CrowdTangle API are made via GET to You must use https.

Below are the available endpoints:

GET /posts
GET /posts/search
GET /leaderboard
GET /links
GET /lists

Happy coding!

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