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Upgrading from the Old API

If you had API access via the old endpoint, there are some changes you should be aware of.

As you'll note, the endpoints are different, the parameters are different, and the response objects are different. We recognize that this is inconvenient, and we apologize for that. The initial API was developed quickly as a response to continual requests for access, and as a result we released a version that had a somewhat haphazard request structure and a confusing, one-dimensional response taxonomy.

This API has been thought out and structured in a much more sustainable way from both the front end and the back end, and as a result we have been able to add the leaderboard and link-checker to it. It also opens us up for many more additions to it in the future, so from here on out you should only get more and more functionality.

Another major factor is that the token is different. Old tokens were human-created and typically applied to every dashboard in an account. This was convenient but insecure. If a user left or you suspected someone had sniffed your token, you couldn't easily change the token. Now tokens are dashboard-specific and you have the ability to generate new ones at any time. This does mean that you will need a separate token for each dashboard. We recognize that this is a change, but it was necessary for now to have a token to represent a pairing of a dashboard and a secret, where it used to simply represent the secret by itself.

If you have API access turned on for your dashboard, you will see "API Access" as an option under the gear menu. From there you can find your token or generate it if it doesn't yet exist.

If you believe you should have API access and don't, or if you have any thoughts you'd like to share about the new API, please contact your CrowdTangle representative by email or via the little question mark at the bottom of your dashboard!

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