Check the status of any web site (make sure it's returning 200, 'ok').
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Site Status

Current Status

I am currently working on adding a web based front-end to this project using Flask. This project has been built with Python 3.4 in mind, and will probably have issues if you try to run it on an older version of Python.

This simple script checks to make sure that all the sites you have listed in your database are returning 200, 'ok' messages. If one isn't, you will be emailed at the addresses listed for each user.

This project uses MongoDB. Mongo is perfect for non-relational data, like a log. This also makes this script much more light weight.

To get started add a few sites like so:

python insert -s

And a user or two:

python insert -u

After which you can run Status Check:

python check

For fun you can also run the script without any arguments to see the stats from the last check.