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Rebuilding Crowducate platform using Meteor 1.x

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved:

System Overview

Our planned system includes a full system model for collaboration on and sharing of Open Educational Resources.

Crowducate System Overview


Current development

Original prototype



This application is built with Meteor.js. You will need to have Meteor installed.

Install Meteor on:


Once Meteor is installed, make sure you install Git.


Now you can clone and run the application with the following commands:

  • git clone - clone the repository
  • cd crowducate-platform - change into the sourcecode directory
  • meteor - run the application

You should now be able to visit the running app at localhost:3000


We have an open Hackpad discussion where we are planning the future of Crowducate. Come and add your opinion, expertise, and vision!

Guiding Principles

Our work is inspired by, and tries to align with, principles described by many thoughtful, committed people. Following, are some principles of primary importance:

Common good initiatives

Examples of related common good initiatives include:


Crowducate is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL). We chose the GNU AGPL as it fosters and protects an open knowledge ecosystem, which is essential for an open education project. You can follow the licensing discussion on the Crowducate blog.

Help us grow

Bear in mind, we are in early alpha. For more info read this blog post.