Script used to generate and encode a PowerShell based Metasploit payloads.
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Use to generate and encode a powershell based metasploit payloads.

Writen by Piotr Marszalik - @addenial - peter.mars[at]

  • orginal version - 05/08/2013

Available output types:

  • raw (encoded payload only - no powershell run options)
  • cmd (for use with bat files)
  • vba (for use with macro trojan docs)
  • vbs (for use with vbs scripts)
  • war (tomcat)
  • exe (executable) requires MinGW - x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc [apt-get install mingw-w64]
  • java (for use with malicious java applets)
  • js (javascript)
  • js-rd32 (javascript called by rundll32.exe)
  • php (for use with php pages)
  • hta (HTML applications)
  • cfm (for use with Adobe ColdFusion)
  • aspx (for use with Microsoft ASP.NET)
  • lnk (windows shortcut - requires a webserver to stage the payload)
  • sct (COM scriptlet - requires a webserver to stage the payload)

Powershell code based on PowerSploit written by Matthew Graeber and SET by Dave Kennedy