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Crown Platform 0.14.0

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What is Crown?

Crown is both a leading digital token (known as CRW) and a self-sustaining blockchain platform for building and running economy applications. Our community uses the Crown Platform as a payment service, proof of data integrity and a support structure for projects ranging from cloud businesses to apps. As more users lend their talents and passion to the platform, Crown’s potential to promote innovation grows exponentially.

A Digital Token

CRW tokens are a type of cryptocurrency. Like bitcoins, CRW can be used to pay for a wide variety of products and services. CRW can also be traded against other altcoins through online exchanges.

Blockchain Application Platform

The Crown Platform utilizes two additional tiers of nodes that offer different roles: Masternodes process instant transactions while Systemnodes will host applications via the CrownPlatform. Members of the Crown Community can set up their own incentivized nodes to earn CRW while helping to maintain the network.

For more information, as well as an immediately usable, binary version Crown see


Crown is ultimately a community-driven platform. Its potential to bring social and technological growth is contingent on the ideas and support its users provide. We invite you to lend your voice and imagination to this burgeoning platform and share in its success. Together, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.


Crown’s governance system has two core functions: choosing platform direction and funding. Unlike blockchain projects that rely on donations and pre-mined endowments, Crown uses 25% of each block reward to fund its own development. This allocation of funds allows us to reward miners and node operators for their contributions without compromising the platform’s coding and optimization efforts.

Crown’s governance system also enables its community to vote on which changes (ranging from projects to network updates) will be implemented onto the blockchain. Any platform user can submit a proposal to grow or change the network.

Server Nodes

Crown uses two types of server nodes to build and protect its network — Systemnodes and Masternodes. Each of these dedicated servers are unique and provide vital infrastructure. By creating and running them, you can help our community grow while consistently earning CRW as a reward. With the switch from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) in v0.13 systemnodes and masternodes take over the responsibility of block generation from miners. This new generation process is referred to as "minting".


Masternodes supply substantial computing power to the Crown Platform, and have copies of the ledger stored and ready to distribute to the network if needed. Think of Masternodes as the stabilizing force behind Crown; they help us keep the network secure and running smoothly by tracking the ledger and confirming transactions at lightning speed with Instant Send. A Masternode requires 10,000 CRW collateral to run.

See also: Masternode Setup Guide.


Systemnodes are empty-shell servers that are tasked with hosting specific services for the Crown network. The Crown Platform will use Systemnodes to host new economy applications created by members of the community, connecting them to the Crown Platform through an API. A Systemnode requires 500 CRW collateral to run.

See also: Systemnode Setup Guide.


Report a Bug

Bugs can be reported via the Gitlab issues page:, tech support channels in Discord or emailing

When describing a bug please include following information:

  • Issue summary - an issue header which outlines the actual defect to be solved
  • Product - for example Desktop Wallet x64, Windows 10
  • Build Found In - for example; this is very important as you may be using an old build and the issue may already have been resolved.
  • Steps to reproduce - the steps to recreate exactly how the error occurred when you found the issue
  • Expected behavior - what you would expect to see instead of the issue; this can be useful as it may trigger a conversation between yourself and the developer (or the team) about a better fix or possible solutions.

Procedures for bounty development

Crown core developers are working hard on bug fixes, platform enhancements, and new product features. Some of these tasks may be completed by talented community members through the bounty program. Bounties are posted to the wiki and can be picked up by anyone who wants to submit new code to the project repository. If you want to be directly notified of new bounties matching your specific skillset, fill out the short intake survey to get onto the InSource Community Job Board. If you have any questions regarding code submissions, please contact Artem Brazhnikov through Discord and ask about bounties.


Crown Core is released under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information or see

Copyright © 2009-2018, Bitcoin Core Developers

Copyright © 2014-2016, Dash Core Developers

Copyright © 2014-2020, Crown Developers


Core of Crown blockchain platform. Contribution repository is available by this link: Github repository is a mirror.







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