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Avatar Mod 2

This repository hosts the source code for the Avatar Mod 2 project, currently developed by members of the ProjectKorra team. This project is a modification for Minecraft which adds content from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The mod already has all four major types of bending; many unique, multipurpose Abilities; and mobs and animals from the Avatar world. More information is available at the wiki.

Important: Looking for developer

We are currently looking for a new lead developer to carry on the mod. More information is available here:

Looking for lead developer to take over Avatar Mod 2

Thank you! :)

End Users

If you are an end-user planning to play the mod, information is available here:


We are currently looking for artists for GUI art and several other things. We don't have much need for other modelers or developers, though pull requests are always welcome.

If you are looking to join the team to create this mod, please contact with any of the following ways:

  • CrowsOfWar, the creator and main developer for the Av2 project - reachable via ofwarcrows@gmail.com
  • Mist, the creator and owner of the ProjectKorra group - apply at projectkorra.com

We will then contact you with information about getting set up and possible work to complete.

Code setup

If you want to mess around with the code, but not join the team, there is still documentation available to everybody at readthedocs. Instructions on installing the code are here.


See credits.txt.