Overly customizable quest system plugin for Bukkit by Hawox
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Overly customizable quest system plugin for Bukkit by Hawox

I have taken uQuest and updated and built it for Bukkit 1.9.2(Also Spigot 1.9.2) and added a lot of new features to it.

I did this all for my server but wanted to share it with everyone.

So I got Howax's permission to post it.

I have added a lot and done some changes, so decided not to fork it and instead start this repository from scratch.

Also need to give credit to morganm for putting in Vault support for Permissions and Economies.

Now updated to 1.9.2

Here is the link for the spigot build jar: uQuest Spigot Jar

Here is the link for the craftbukkit build jar: uQuest Bukkit Jar

Also rebuilt it with Java 7 and the latest Vault API

note: Right now it will not support name changing, if you change your name you'll lose your quest progress. Also it will not support the new blocks in 1.9 or 1.8. Working on it.

##Plugin Info Commands & Permissions

Quest Examples

Quest Formats Explained


To Do's

##Vault Dependency Vault is required if you want to use Permissions and an Economy but the plugin will run without it.

Download Vault here.

##Original uQuest Links uQuest Bukkit Page

uQuest Wiki

uQuest GitHub