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Latest Release: 2.3.1 2019-04-25


The Crunchy Container Suite provides Docker containers that enable rapid deployment of PostgreSQL, including administration and monitoring tools. Multiple styles of deploying PostgreSQL clusters are supported.

Please view the official Crunchy Data Container Suite documentation here. If you are interested in contributing or making an update to the documentation, please view the Contributing Guidelines.

Official Documentation

If you are looking for the latest documentation, please see the develop branch which is considered unstable. The development documentation can be reviewed here.

Getting Started

Complete build and install documentation is found here. The provided Dockerfiles build the containers on a Centos 7 base image and use the community PostgreSQL RPMs.

Crunchy provides a commercially supported version of these containers built upon RHEL 7 and the Crunchy supported PostgreSQL. Contact Crunchy for more details at

Further descriptions of each of these containers and environment variables that can be used to tune them can be found in the Container Specifications document.


Various examples are provided in the Getting Started documentation for running in Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift environments.

You will need to set up your environment as per the Installation documentation in order to execute the examples.

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