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skurger and thesteve0 Add google-site-verification meta tag. (#86)
Add Open Graph image meta tag.
Add Twitter meta tags for sharing.
Latest commit 317ef16 Jan 15, 2020
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assets Add avatar Mar 25, 2019
branded-ui Add google-site-verification meta tag. (#86) Jan 15, 2020
environments Finished up PgAdmin4 (#48) Aug 28, 2019
pg-administration Change "PGBackrest" to "pgBackRest" in pgBackRest Katacoda. (#81) Jan 9, 2020
postgis Minor fixes (#68) Dec 6, 2019
training maybe (#76) Dec 17, 2019
workshops use correct timeline for restoring table and fix up some commands (#35) Jun 24, 2019
learning-resources.txt moving images to top level assets May 24, 2019
postgis-pathway.json Spatial Joins (#66) Dec 4, 2019
postgresql-devel-pathway.json Breaking out the developer stuff (#59) Dec 3, 2019
redirect.json Move to nested folder restructure May 10, 2019
workshops-pathway.json Update all URLs Jul 16, 2019

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