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A demo multi-threaded pipeline game proxy.
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Multiplex Proxy

Notice: This is currently a stripped-down version of the proxy for personal portfolio use only. Contact the copyright holder if you are interested in running this software on your network. This project is free for personal and educational use but may not be used in production environments.

This is an asynchronous proxy that combines your servers into one unified network. Protocol translation is used to give outdated clients the ability to join all servers on your network. Only a handful of protocols have been implemented for development reasons and more will be implemented in the near future. Unlike other solutions, no plugins are needed on the server side.



The configuration file is located within the root directory of your proxy. If you are unable to find the configuration file, run the proxy once to recreate any missing files automatically. Ensure that the proxy is running by adding the host to your server list and refreshing. The configuration file allows you to define properties of your proxy (e.g. max player count, list description, proxied servers, etc).



The following list of versions have been implemented and tested on a private server. This is a relatively new project and not all scenarios have gone through extensive testing.

  • 1.9.3 / 1.9.4 (Protocol 110)
  • 1.9.2 (Protocol 109)
  • 1.9 (Protocol 107)
  • 1.8.X (Pending)
  • 1.7.X (Pending)
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