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A modular kernel that I'm doing as a hobby
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Modet OS

A modular kernel that I'm doing as a hobby.


The makefile can automatically create it's own toolchain with the command

make builtools

This gets run automatically if not already done so by the build commands This will give you a version of GCC(8.3.0) and Binutils(2.32) capable of building apps and the kernel itself To make the kernel, call

make build

You also need to make the harddisk in order to run programs other than the shell To do this, run

sudo make harddisk

It needs root to make the FAT filesystem and setup the loop device

You can also build all of the parts independently by calling

make kernel
make libc
make ramdisk

to create the kernel, libc, and ramdisk respectively

To test modet, call

make run

(note: requires qemu-system-i386)


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