Lightweight web browser in Qt5
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Build Status Download Crusta Browser License: GPL v3


Crusta is a feature rich web-browser, based on Qt5 and is licenced under GNU GPLv3. Crusta is available for all major desktop platforms (Linux, Mac and Windows) and will soon be available for mobile platforms.

Note The code for version 1 is available in the v1 branch of this repo, version 2 will be complete redesign so that code is removed from the master branch.

Some interesting features

(as in v1, v2 is under development)

  • Split tabs
  • Text to speech
  • Side panel
  • Web PDF viewer (using pdf.js)

Try Crusta

  • Clone the repository git clone
  • Make build dir and change current dir to build mkdir build && cd build.
  • Run CMake cmake ...
  • Build using make make.
  • Run using ./Crusta.