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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition System Reference Document (SRD) v5.1; not just exported from the SRD PDF, but fully organized, updated and maintained in Markdown format.
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D&D 5E SRD v5.1


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Welcome to the online Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition System Reference Document v5.1 in Markdown Format!

View or Quick-Search through this material online via the project's official website at:

The Systems Reference Document (SRD) contains guidelines for publishing content under the Open-Gaming License (OGL). The Dungeon Masters Guild also provides self-publishing opportunities for individuals and groups. The OGL and Dungeon Masters Guild offer different kinds of publishing opportunities. For an overview of the programs, please visit the official Wizards SRD page.

Why Markdown format? Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax created by John Gruber. It is designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats using a tool by the same name. Markdown is often used to format readme files, for writing messages in online discussion forums, and to create rich text using a plain text editor.

The "Pages" Contained Herein were exported directly from the official SRD PDF (see below), but have been fully re-edited into Markdown format for improved organization, portability and conversions to other formats. This is not a basic conversion as you find elsewhere, we have painstakingly converted the original Wizard's SRD PDF to markdown format paragraph-by-paragraph. Please report any issues you find through this GitHub account. Thank you!

Download the official SRD v5.1 in PDF format

Download the SRD v5.1 in Markdown format (single compilation)

Official Dungeons & Dragons Materials Available for FREE!

Download the official Errata and FREE Basic Rules, plus Characters Sheets.

By permission, this project and the associated website utilizes official material and images from the Wizard's Fan Site Kit.

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