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April 24th, 2018

:fa-check-square: Complete conversion of original D&D 5E SRD 5.1 from PDF format to Markdown format. Adjust all markdown headers.

April 27th, 2018

:fa-check-square: Create OGL-SRD5 GitHub repository. Sync with GitHub Desktop app.

:fa-check-square: Create section folders and upload SRD markdown pages.

:fa-check-square: Purchase domain.

:fa-check-square: Create hosting account with Sigillum-Rasa.

:fa-check-square: Create website using GRAV open source flat-file CMS.

:fa-check-square: Install custom Learn2 with Git Sync theme for GRAV.

:fa-check-square: Install various Plugins for GRAV.

:fa-check-square: Sync website with GitHub repo with Git Sync plugin for GRAV.

April 28th, 2018

:fa-check-square: Create Changelog.

:fa-check-square: Create Introduction page using media from the Wizard's Fan Site Kit.

:fa-check-square: Installed Table of Contents (TOC) plugin for GRAV.

:fa-check-square: Add alphabet headers to spell lists for TOC.

:fa-check-square: Install SSL certificate (HTTPS) for primary and mail domains.

:fa-check-square: Activate "Force SSL" globally in GRAV.

:fa-check-square: Create a Markdown compilation of all SRD pages at the SRD GitHub repo.

:fa-check-square: Add alphabet headers to magic items for TOC.

:fa-check-square: Change theme CSS colors.

March 8th, 2019

:fa-check-square: Add TNT Search, a powerful indexed-based full text search engine.

:fa-check-square: Add a custom Google search option to the SRD.

March 31st, 2019

:fa-check-square: Merged various Markdown edits from GitHub contributors. Thank you!

Coming Soon!

:fa-square: Adjust SRD for errata; awaiting official update from Wizards.

:fa-square: Customize the custom Google search option page or integrate it more with the site.

:fa-square: Link spell lists with thier respective spells.


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