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  Token (KRL) Smart Contracts

This repository contains the source code of the smart contracts written for Project. KRL token is developed on Ethereum’s blockchain and conform to the ERC20 Token Standard. smart contracts are with Truffle, an Ethereum development environment.

The KRL ERC20 token is based on OpenZeppelin framework StandardToken.

The Vesting contract is based on OpenZeppelin framework TokenVesting.


Install dependencies:

npm install -g truffle
npm install

Running tests

$ truffle dev
truffle(develop)> test

KRL ERC20 token contract

ERC20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and 20 is the number that was assigned to this request.

Token details

  • Contract name KryllToken
  • Name Token
  • Symbol KRL
  • Decimals 18

KRL ERC20 Smart Contract have :

Token repartition

Total supply 49417348 KRL :

  • Sale 17737348 KRL (token sale)
  • Team 8640000 KRL (vested)
  • Advisors 2880000 KRL
  • Security Reserve 4320000 KRL
  • Press & Marketing 5040000 KRL
  • User Acquisition 10080000 KRL
  • Bounty (ICO & future) 720000 KRL

KRL Vesting contract

A vesting contract lock an amount of a specific token and given them progressively to someone. The period is defined by the starting time (the date you start to accumulate tokens), the grant period (number of seconds of the grant) and the cliff period (number of seconds before the withdraw is possible).

 Tokens Released
  |                       __________ 	
  |                     _/ 				
  |                   _/  
  |                 _/
  |                /
  |              .|
  |            .  |
  |          .    |
  |        .      |
  |      .        |
  |    .          |
  +===+===========+--------+---------> time
     Start       Cliff     End

Vesting detail

  • Cliff 90 Days
  • Vesting duration 1 year
  • Start Date KRL Token emission date

The vested tokens were sent from 0xd32E4fb9e8191A97905Fb5Be9Aa27458cD0124C1 address to the vesting smart contracts deployed by 0xeccf965700e4031c6cb244fee52b620a2965ae6f.


The team asked PlayitOpen and SmartDec to review and audit the ERC20 KRL Token and KRL Vesting contracts. Here are the audits reports :


Kryll smart contracts are based on OpenZeppelin. OpenZeppelin is meant to provide secure, tested and community-audited code, but please use common sense when doing anything that deals with real money! We take no responsibility for your implementation decisions and any security problem you might experience.

If you find a security issue, please email


Code released under the MIT License.


  • V 0.0 : Initial version, pre-audit
  • V 0.1 : Post PlayitOpen audit version (April 24th 2018)
  • V 0.2 : Post SmartDec audit version (April 25th 2018)

About token & vesting Smart Contracts



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