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Exposes XCB to JavaScript
C JavaScript C++
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protocols @ 32c854f added xml to js as sub project since it uses the json from it. Sep 1, 2011
src header guards for events.h Sep 15, 2011
stubs remove sending of object to struct init func. Sep 14, 2011
.gitignore updated git ignore Sep 27, 2011
LICENSE add README Aug 23, 2011
doc.js added a doc repl Sep 2, 2011
generateFiles.js most list type replies are working. Sep 3, 2011
manage.js convert manage to new api. Sep 15, 2011
package.json bumped version number Sep 27, 2011
test.js convert test to use new api. Sep 15, 2011
wscript initial testing Aug 5, 2011
xcb.js adding a main js file Sep 4, 2011


Work in progress. Expose XCB to JS in a pretty raw format.

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