A Minecraft PC/PE tracker that lets you focus on what's happening now.
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Minetrack is a Minecraft PC/PE server tracker that lets you focus on what's happening now. Built to be lightweight and durable, you can easily adapt it to monitor BungeeCord or server instances.

Try it out!

You can see an up-to-date copy of the production branch running on http://minetrack.me

"master" branch contains everything you need to start your own copy. "production" branch is what's used in the production environment of the minetrack.me site.


  1. Make sure everything is correct in config.json.
  2. Add/remove servers by editing the servers.json file.
  3. Run npm install.
  4. Run node app.js to boot the system (may need sudo!)

(There's also install.sh and start.sh, but they may not work for your OS.)

Database logging is disabled by default. You can enable it in config.json by setting logToDatabase to true. This requires sqlite3 drivers to be installed.

What's being changed?

For the changelog, check out the CHANGELOG file.