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@pazor pazor released this 26 Jun 18:28
· 2 commits to master since this release

stable EMD client
New checkpoint added.
New alert system keys added.
Alert system reactivated.
new DNS seed nodes

Emerald-qt - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
apt-get install libdb5.3-dev libdb5.3++-dev libqtgui4

emerladd - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
headless client for Emerald Crypto
workaround for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS use libboost.1.58.0.tgz and unpack the libraries in /usr/lib/x84_64-linux-gnu/

Emerald- - Windows Installer for EMD - Windows QT Binary for EMD

Emerald- - Mac OS Binary for EMD - TinyMiner image for Raspberry Pi mining with a Futurebit Moonlander 2 (RPi Zero W is recommended)
v0.10r0 - 25.11.2019