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First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute ☺️ Before starting, make sure that you visited the project todo list and opened/closed issues to be sure that your idea is not already planned. Checked out? Well then, let's start!

How to contribute to Crypto Notepad

Did you find any bug/have an idea how to improve the project?

You can help me fix some bug/implement a new feature?

  • Create a pull request, using this template

Issue labels explanation

  • You can find the full list in here

Things that will never be in this project

  • Installer. Crypto Notepad will be always portable.
  • Significant design changes. Crypto Notepad looks exactly as I want to see it.
  • Multiplatform. Crypto Notepad will be only for windows. Maybe sometime, but it will be as a completely new project.
  • Making from a simple notepad - a big combine to encrypt anything with different encryption algorithms. Crypto Notepad will be a simple app to encrypt/decrypt text files with aes algorithm.

Things you need to know about the source code (take courage)

  • Sometimes code is very bad
  • Sometimes code is illogical
  • Mostly code is have no comments
  • That's why you are very brave, if you decide to learn source code 😳

If you can make the source code better. Your welcome!

Anything else?

Any help will be useful. I'll be happy to any of your feedback or suggestions. Use your best judgment, and feel free to propose changes to Crypto Notepad. Thanks for attention. May the Force be with you young Contributor 😉