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Migration guide to v1.6

Alexander edited this page Nov 27, 2019 · 5 revisions

After update from v1.5.1 (and from earlier versions) to v1.6.x all settings will be lost. But you can open the Crypto Notepad.settings file after update, and copy the necessary parameters.

Old parameters starts from a capital letter, and new parameters start with a small letter (except <HashAlgorithm>, <KeySize>, <PasswordIterations>, <TheSalt>, these parameters was unchanged).

For example, the old parameter that was used to store the background color of the editor, was called <RichBackColor> and in v1.6 it's called <editorBackColor>. So you can just copy value from old parameter, if needed. Do it only when app is closed.

Here is some parameters with description (not all, because some of them was completely removed from app)

Old name New name Description
AutoCheckUpdate autoCheckUpdate Automatically check for
updates at program startup
WindowLocation windowLocation Main window location
RichTextFont editorFont Parameter was created for saving font name.
Now this parameter storing font name and font size
RichWrap editorWrap Word Wrap in editor
AutoLock autoLock Auto lock app when window minimized
RichBackColor editorBackColor Editor background color
ShowToolbar toolbarVisible Toolbar visibility
RichTextSize editorFont Parameter was created for saving font size.
Now this parameter storing font name and font size
RichForeColor editroFontColor Editor font color
AssociateCheck explorerAssociate Associate *.cnp with app
WindowState windowState State of window (Maximized/Normal)
WindowSize windowSize Size of main window
SendTo explorerSendTo Add shortcut to Sent to explorer context menu
MenuIcons menuIcons Main menu icons
MenuIntegrate explorerIntegrate Integrate app shortcut to the explorer context menu
InserKey insertKey Enable/Disable ins key in editor
CustomColor customColor Custom colors values from color picker
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