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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Apr 8, 2021


  • Version bump to v0.8.7.8
  • GUI overhaul (user interface upgrade)
  • Added intuitive import private key functionality (GUI and RPC)
  • Added locking functionality for X-Node collaterals
  • Added new graphics
  • Implemented NFT contract storage method (suitable for prototype test only)
  • Initial implementation of partial fractal framework. This currently functions as only a test

v0.8.7.9 revision

  • Added BVAC system, try it out in the "receive" tab (generate BVAC)
    A jpg image will be created in the same directory as your wallet that you ran.

v0.8.8.0 revision

  • Fixed naming of BVAC system (some files and references were mislabeled)
  • Finished BVAC encoding (save to image)
  • Finished BVAC decoding (read from image)
  • Added BVAC implementation to "Send Coins" Qt page for user testing
  • Finished BVAC implementation in "Receive" Qt page for user testing
    Users can now select where the way to read or write BVAC files from/to


  • This is a prototype pre-release wallet. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • For ALL official usage please use the latest non-testing release! (v0.8.7.5)
  • Fractal currently is in testing implementation/staging phases so features will not be apparent until later updates
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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Jun 1, 2020


  • Updated codebase organization
  • Added experimental feature toggle for testing prototype features
  • Updated makefiles (fixes build issues for daemons since codebase organization)
  • Overhauled VRX retargeting to v3.5 from originally implemented v3
  • Added blocktype anti-stall functionality
  • Update for qt v5.12+
  • fix high CPU usage on Ubuntu. No need to report socket error, this also correct debug log bloat issues Original commit by can be found here: CryptoCoderz/DigitalNote@411e027
  • Update README
  • Updated dependancy linking
  • Updated UPNPC from 1.9 to 2.1
  • Updated Boost to 1.71+ (Retrocompatibility in place for those who run lower versions than 1.70)
  • Refresh build of ESP
  • Updated to boost 1.73 for win builds
  • Updated years
  • Upgraded boost handling for 1.7X+ and below as well
  • Versioning patch bump to reflect update
  • Upgraded dependencies handling and calls (Boost calls and Qt dependency linking)
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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Jan 16, 2019


  • Loosened connection timeout parpameters to better interact with legacy wallets for now
  • Updated Velocity timestamp checks
  • Updated Copyright years
  • Added rpcrawTX fixspentcoins
  • Version bump
  • corrected README rpcports
  • update README formatting
  • update README daemon compile instructions
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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Dec 5, 2018


  • Initial xnode framework implementation
  • Corrected makefiles
  • Bypassed xnode payment lock checks temporarily for testing
  • Bypassed xnode sign and verify signature checks for now
  • Bypassed tx input check (relates to previously bypassed section)
  • TODO: test and fix, implement floating collateral lock
    -Version bump for testing
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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Dec 4, 2018


  • Fixed debug log size issue
  • Version bump for new stable reccommended build
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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Dec 1, 2018


  • Corrected CoinControl view not displaying inputs/coins
  • Corrected ChangePassphrase bool toggle to enable users to change passphrases when unlocked for staking only.
  • Cleaned up lock/unlock toggle implementation
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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Nov 26, 2018


  • Modified advanced peer/node handling feature to properly integrate with codebase parameters
  • Fixed low peer/node connection count found issue in v0.8.7.5-u0-p0 (previous) release
  • Created/implemented adaptive compiler codebase parameter selection (resolves issues compiling with older gcc versions)
  • Version bump (patch version) reflecting fixes and updates.
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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Nov 1, 2018


  • Version bump for release
  • Fixed GUI compiling issue for previous GUI update overhaul (below changes)
  • Added GUI console auto-fill/complete
  • Added GUI config editor
  • Added GUI data directory shortcut
  • Added GUI peer tab & monitoring
  • Added automated wallet.dat backups
  • Upgraded peer handling
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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Oct 25, 2018


Commulative update for release (Below are all changes)

  • Updated checkpoints
  • Updated tinyformat.h codebase
  • Fixed many sources of build warnings within the codebase
  • Fixed makefiles to allow daemons to build correctly
  • Fixed const char string pass warning
  • Added bmw512 hashing function
  • Re-arranged codebase files
  • Replaced address management hmq hashing with lightweight bmw hashing
  • Fixed warning with improperly compared integer types
  • Updated build with boost 1.68 (latest version)
  • Prepping for X-Nodes (TODO: step by step integration to mainnet)
  • Fixed compiling with openssl 1.1
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@CryptoCoderz CryptoCoderz released this Sep 3, 2018


  • Upgrades to codebase
  • Source file cleanup and rearangement
  • Replaced portion of underlying SHA hashing with HMQ (TODO: Completely replace underlying SHA leftover from bitcoin)
  • Cleaned up PoS v3 integration
  • Fixed referencing for newer compilers
  • Update
  • Update build versioning
  • Update build type to non-test
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