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Discourage fee sniping with nLockTime
Limited drop of difficulty per block
Minimum age replaced with Minimum confirmations
Reward and Min Conf Blocks Changed
nTargetSpacing replaced with Static Const TARGET_SPACING
TARGET_SPACING set to 60 seconds after the fork, Was set to 69 seconds
Ignore getaddr messages on Outbound connections
Increase Stake Split Threshold
Correctly randomize change output position
Fix static build with miniupnpc >= 1.9.20140610
Fix for building with Boost 1.58
Fix boost::get usage with Boost 1.58 in rpcrawtransaction.cpp
Fix issue where getrawtransaction RPC call does not work
Fix issue on open orders tab of the trading page
Decentralized checkpoints from PosV3
PosV3 Modifier
Fork at block 90 000
^ CLIENT BUILD 1.2-61401 ^
DNSSeed Thread Fix
Scale up addrman
Sync fixes, CPU use, Darksend fixes
Guard against OpenSSL's new strict DER checks
Fix twice denominatedBalance calculations in qt/overviewpage.cpp
Solve performance problems by caching and fix probable security issue
Fix payee selectoin on CMasternodePayments::ProcessBlock
fix log output / more notCapableReason-s
Fix priority calculation in CreateTransaction
HasCollateralInputs should check only for at least 1 collateral (not 2)
move list logic back to rpcdarkcsend
add masternodelist to command list
track lastTimeChanged for mnodeman
show active/total MNs on info tab / update it in separate timer
better naming/readability (Find)
Added dstx support for free transactions
Change the way changes are handled:
rpc fixes:
rpc: allow "darksend" only with ENABLE_WALLET
fix DoAutomaticDenominating:
allow searching masternode list by ip address
Few fixes for processing extra messages:
Fix crashes on remove from vector
Fix versions:
check and remove expired masternodes on client start
clear maps in mnodeman
Cleanup copiler
fix filtering for "active" (was broken after IP filtering)
add spaces to table-fy console view of "masternode list"
remove "|" to make full mode a bit more compact
add spaces to IP only in full mode
Merged masternode blinding
Make masternodes.dat verification more specific
fixed shared key usage
rename masternodes.dat->mncache.dat / fix strings
save nDsqCount in mncache.dat
Added input/output/sig trickle
Change DS_COLLATERAL to 0.01 remove DS_FEE
Masternode Proof of Service Added
Add structure for donating a percentage of ones earnings to another party via the protocol
Fixed mnw message issue
fix pubkey/donation conditions
Fixed blinding submission process
increasing ss timeouts
fixed dsee sync
fixed Masternode payments FindOldestNotInVec
Disabled masternode blinding / increased rounds defaults
Masternode voting improvements
remove locks
Added easy to use donations
Changed some locks
Disable relay
Changed some locks
Improved donation code/message
Added "masternode list donation
Fixed ranking issues for PoSe
Fixed masternode donation miscalculations
Explicitly grab each piece of data from memory for hashing in CMasternode::CalculateScore
Reducing spam
New Command: Masternode list pose - Shows proof-of-service score for Masternodes
Don't limit ds-send inputs number artificially, fees should take care of it instead
Reference node fixes / debugging
Compiling warnings / fixed block comparison
Create empty darksilk.conf during startup if it doesn't exist
Updated minimum for reference node
Fixes for "masternode list"
Fix MN ssee: MN should not update itself in MN list until it activated
Fix possible MN breakage during mixing
Remove donations to multisig addresses
Further fixes to Darksend
Added nDenom check for ssa
Fix SelectCoinsByDenominations
Do not search for known sporks by hash, search only by ID
Check collateral before submitting
Fixed vote-many
Fix filtering for masternode list votes rpc
Fixed vote crashes
masternode stop should disable MN and remove it from MN list
DS: Adjust Target Balance
Should set nMaxToAnonymize equal to denominatedBalance only if it's greater then it was possible to denominate
Ref-node : Always fill vecLastPayments
Removal of centrally broadcasted synchronized checkpoints
SPORK Additions/Changes | SANDSTORM fee removal
Improve Trading Dialog page to include cross sending and withdrawing from bittrex.
(wallet needs to be unlocked and SHOULD be encrypted)
Fix PrepareDarksendDenominate - loop instead of if
When DS inputs are selected in coincontrol:
- spend exactly these inputs
- allow to spend more than 0.1 as a fee (note: still will respect non-ss fee limits)
Slight optimizations/readability improvements for ds
Unlock inputs on DS failure
^ CLIENT BUILD 1.2.1-61402 ^
Update vAletrt pub/privkeys
Add cryptostream for api key encryption
Add removeSpaces in bitcoinunits.cpp
Coin control fixes for Qt5
move setClipboard to GUIUtil
Add getMappedColumn -> coincontrol.h
Add parentViewItemChanged which is currently unused
Add timers into coincontrol
- also helps to let users know the wallet isnt frozen when following the debug.log
Api keys for Bittrex can be saved to a file which is in an encrypted format using cryptostream
2 new DisplayBalance functions to help speed up the trading dialogs
on_SaveKeys_clicked() and on_LoadKeys_clicked() added to tradingdialog.cpp
Added a small wait time into cross sending
- Some users were experiencing insufficient funds when withdrawing.
- Caused by sell orders not going through quickly enough
- 50ms added to every trade. On the last trade this is increased to 100ms.
- 500 ms added before the withdraw.
transactiontablemodel.updateWallet cleaned and updated
getdifficulty, getsubsidy, and getinfo no longer return POW values
masternodelist updated to include new commands
added "masternode status" command
Autostart masternode upon startup
Move DS pool status out of overview page
Removal of old code:
IsProtocolV1/IsProtocolV2 hard fork switches removed
FutureDriftV1/FutureDriftV2 reverted back to FutureDrift
CheckStakeKernelHashV1/CheckStakeKernalHashV2 reverted back to CheckStakeKernelHash
Remove ComputeMaxBits, ComputeMinWork, ComputeMinStake
Remove KeePass integration
To Do:
Add time offset to getpeerinfo output
Made special marker non spendable
Added nonspendable encoding for block signing key
BIP66 compatibility
Enforce new script verification flags
Demand canonical block sig from updated peers
Submitblock: Add submission of stake template
check the templates in util.h/util.cpp --phark
(int64_t)long long has limits on the size of integers
Upnp updates - phark
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