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Streamer API

Document history

Version Date Comments
1 08/10/2019 First public version
1.1 05/12/2019 Updated to include mapped (using CryptoCompare digital asset naming) and unmapped (exchange identifier) market subscription functionality


CryptoCompare offers a number of different streaming and polling endpoints for requesting and subscribing to market data. REST requests may be performed via our polling API. Streaming via websocket provides an alternative way of consuming our data in a reliable, low latency manner.

This document serves as a developer guide for integrating with the market data streamer service.

The public interface is presently accessible via wss:// and will require IP whitelisting as well as an API key. This can be requested by contacting us by email.


Language Samples
Python 3

A stack agnostic example of how to request markets and subscribe to them is available as well as a detailed description of the streaming protocol which can be found in the Websocket API reference.

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